FlexiSnake is a novel new approach to an age-old problem - slow drains. For as long as modern plumbing has existed, people have been plagued with recurring slow bathroom drains.
It's been estimated that the average person loses hundreds of hairs every week. Some of that hair inevitably ends up going down the drain and entangling on drain stopper mechanisms. That's why the major cause of slow bathroom drains is hair. Well forget about coat hangers and chemicals because ...
there's a better way to clean your drain!
FlexiSnake utilizes hook-and-loop technology to snag drain hair on contact. The patented, hair-snagging pad is the secret. It aggressively grabs drain hair and holds fast, providing the mechanical force needed to retrieve those tenacious clogs that chemical drain cleaners fail to remove.
This is one of those tough "suspended hair" clogs that keep gathering hair and gunk until the sink or tub slows or fails to drain at all.
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You don't have to disassemble the drain to use FlexiSnake. The flat, hair-snagging pad slides past the drain stopper to reach the clog. FlexiSnake is approximately 26" long to reach most bathroom sink drain traps. (view)
Watch how FlexiSnake quickly and easily entangles and pulls free this suspended hair clog.
Forget about plungers or compressed air devices, they just don't have the mechanical force needed to pull free this typical tangled mess-and dangerous chemicals will mostly just flow right past it.
FlexiSnake is the "no-brainer" solution. It's safe, inexpensive and reusable.
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FlexiSnake has hundreds of tiny hooks that snag drain hair on contact. But be prepared though, you may be surprised at what comes out !
Talk about holding power, watch FlexiSnake lift and hold this 10 lb barbell !
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When drains start running slow, soap scum and residue begin to build up on sink and tub surfaces creating a tough clean-up job or worse yet, dangerous slippery surfaces.
FlexiSnake's all plastic exterior is safe, with no sharp edges...and it's compact for easy storage. Keep several around the house and use one at the first sign of a slow running drain.
Your life has just been made a a little easier. Don't wait until drain problems occur, order FlexiSnake today !
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