FlexiSnake Testimonials

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"It works Wonders. I am so happy. This is a great product and easy to use and best of all IT WORKS. !!!I am very happy I ordered it and will tell people especially young women, and students living in dorms, etc. So easy to maintain and keep a drain from becoming clogged." 

Cheryl - IL

"My husband's bathroom sink starts to drain slowly after a few months (more hair in there than on his head now).  Tried the usual chemical drain de-cloggers to no avail.  We were about to call the plumber when I found your great little invention.  After a few pokes down the drain, it is draining quickly once again.  What a clever and simple idea that works like a charm.  You saved us at least seventy dollars on a plumber's house call.  I bought several to keep on hand and give one to my son.  Thanks!"

Marcy - VA


"clogs Every 6-8 weeks...
Slow bathroom sink drain that I used non-chemical and chemical drain cleaners on, which would work for a couple of weeks then back to a slow drain. I was curious about the Flexisnake, so the day I received it, I couldn't wait to try it.  I was simply amazed at the amount of hair I collected from the drain.  I also collected some black sludge along with the hair (gross).  I haven't been that happy with a product in a very long time.  I wish I had invented it!  Thank you."

Suzanne - MA

"clogs twice per month...
My shower drain clogs up regularly. I've tried liquid lye solution which works but is expensive. Nearly $8 per bottle and I purchase one every month. But when I got Flexi-snake it worked the first time! No more expensive solutions for me!"


"clogs once or twice a year...
A few years ago I saw the CBS13 test on tv and was impressed. I've
cleaned hair clogs out of bathroom sinks for many years for women Ive known lived with or raised. So I had to get this. IT WORKED SO GREAT I bought more and gave them to all of the women I was still in touch with, and they easily clean thier own drains now. My adult daughter who lives far away has long wavey hair, her sink clogs often. She calls me and thanks me for the FlexiSnake I sent her every time she uses it. I recently found a new use for this great simple tool. My dishwasher drain vent on my kitchen sink was spitting out some of the water. I knew that after many years of use these can clog up with food particles that build up where the drian goes into the dispoal or main sink drain. I've had to fix this problem before also and it's worse than having to pull a "P" trap. so, on inspecting the vent I realized that a cap under the slide on cover was removable and I though maybe I could use my FlexiSnake to clear the clog. IT WORKED GREAT!
I wish I had thought of the FlexiSnake!"

Mark - CA

"What outstanding service together with a fanatsic product! I placed the order less than 72-hrs. ago and after receiving hte flexisnake,my drains (all 5) gave up wads of hair and are again running free and clear! I'll spread the word!"

Patrick - KY

We recently moved into a new place. There was a clog in the drain but we didn't want to use harsh chemical.  I found your site online and decided to order the FlexiSnake.  WOW !!!.  I pulled out this huge wad of hair.  The tub drains out great now.  What a fantastic product.  I am telling family and friends.  Thank you so much."

Lorraine - NJ

"Last spring I paid over $500.00 for a plumber to come in to fix slow running drains in my bathtub and also in my bathroom sink.  To my dismay, the same problem started up again six months later. I tried the "safe" enzyme products to no avail. I was ready to call the plumber for another expensive visit. Fortunately,  I read about Flexi Snake on the internet, and thought that I  would try it. I ordered it on-line, and The FlexiSnake arrived two days later!  I pulled a massive amount of disgusting slime, hair, and some other black material out of my tub and sink.
Problem solved!!!  This is a fantastic product, and I thank you for saving me another expensive visit from the plumber"

Julie - IL

How often clogs: Monthly
" slow drains from hair clogs.  Had tried everything available.  Flexisnake is awesome!  Problems fixed in as little as five minutes!"


"My tub was draining really slow after showering in the mornings, and I remembered seeing you guys about a year back off of a blog that I read.  So I googled you, got my snakes two days later, and 30 minutes later - no more slow draining.  I pulled up a used band aid out of this drain.  EWWW!"

Michael - TN

"...and the snake worked very well. I may have enough to complete a toupee!"

David - FL

"I work at a motel and we frequently have this problem. I also have a 1910 home that had slow-running drains. I ordered both sizes in multiple quanities. The product is so much faster and alot more economical than chemicals - and no unpleasant fumes. I even ordered a set for a Christmas present for each of my daughters as a Christmas bonus present. One of the best products you can buy, very economical, fast results, and has the ability to keep on giving and saving money. I am very pleased!"

Danita - MI

"I was more than ankle deep in shower water. This makes a huge ring in the shower and eventually ruins the shower liner. I tried at least 3 or 4 bottles of various de-cloggers. Still clogged.
I saw FlexiSnake on TV. It was on the "Buy it and Try it" segment on CBS 13 in Sacramento. It grabbed a lot of hair and shocked the people who lived in the "test" house!"

Judy - CA


"I didn't have a clogged drain but saw a TV news reporter buy it on-line to try and when he recommended it I decided to try it too. My wife the eternal skeptic was amazed at the amount of hair the Flexisnake pulled up."

D.L. - CA


"slow water drain, especially in the shower.  This little golden snake just grabbed the hair and soap scum and pulled it all out! "


"My bathroom sink was constantly getting clogged. I tried Drano and other liquid drainer products. They did not help too much. I also tried baking soda/vinegar trick and did not help. I did not want to call a plumber or buy a professional snake. Flexisnake was awesome. A few jabs down the drain caught a lot of hair and gunk and now my sink is brand new! Flexisnake is an affordable yet hassle-free product that does what it claims."


"Slow running drains.  Have tried lots of different solutions, none of which worked (chemicals, forced air, etc.).  Used the FlexiSnake which took only minutes to use and clean and the drain works like new.  The best tool of its sort I have every used.  What a great tool.  Every home should have one. "


"I started to notice that my bathtub drain was draining more and more slowly.  Finally, I was standing in water, and really didn't like that. I happen to be searching the web for an environmentally friendly way to unclog it.  I found your site, read the user comments, and purchased on the spot.
Does this thing work!!!!!  I can't believe what was in my pipes!  No wonder the water would not drain.  Nothing but hair, probably over 70 years worth of hair!!  (Thats how old the house is)"


"Hey That little sucker (Jr) really works I'm glad I saw your story in the Ind (newspaper). Thank's Jerry."

Jerry - IL

"My shower drain was very slow, water past my ankles each day.  I have tried various drain openers, some natural enzyme sort of thing, and vinegar with baking soda.  Besides flexi-snake working on the clog, its not a chemical that is tested on animals which is very important to me. Thank you!"

M.O. - MI

"Bathroom sink clogs and stinky water would back up into the tub..tried scary chemicals it would clear a little then end up all backed up again. Last week I hauled boiling water and kept dumping that. The tub cleared but the sink was still so slow it would fill before the water could drain out at all.  So I waited for my FlexiSnake to arrive. WELL, I NEVER!  I'm shocked and amazed at the simple operation and the fantastic result.  Now the sink drains better than I've ever seen!  I'm going to order more next week and give it a go in the kitchen sink that has always been a problem too. I should call Ghost Busters tho for back up...I didn't recognize anything that I dragged up and it didn't appear to "earthly"!  Frightening but I still couldn't be happier!  Simple to use yet effective! The best part was no chemicals or heavy work. It couldn't have been easier!  I have no handyman around so I look for simple and effective fixes for this type problem without fear of dangerous chemicals.  Those drains have never been good, fastest disappearing water I've ever seen after FlexiSnake!!

I'm going to buy some for my friends! If I tell them they won't believe it so if I give them one they'll try it and be amazed and grateful too!  THANKS!"

Darlene - IL

"THIS WORKED AWESOME!!!  I have lots of hair that gets washed down our bathroom sink and it pulled it all out!!!!!  Huge hunks of hair came out when I used FlexiSnake.  THANK YOU!!"

Vina - MT

"What a GREAT product!!  i had tried numerous chemical decloggers (and that gets EXPENSIVE) and nothing worked.  I was at my wits end, ready to call the plumber, truly the last resort. i literally Googled "Clogged Drain" and came across the FlexiSnake and i figured "What the heck...i'll try it".  i ordered my FlexiSnake, received it VERY quickly (GREAT shipping guys!) and went to work on the clog.  What do you know...i pulled out a wad of the nastiest stuff i've ever seen, and now the sink drains freely!!  FlexiSnake is the BOMB!!  Thank you!! "

Karen - CA

"The tub at our apartment has alwas drained slowly. We have tried various bottled products like Drano, and Liquid Plumr, but it would only opened it enough to let it drain slowly, never fully clearing the drain. I would esitimate that we have bought 20 bottle of drain openers over the years, at an average of $5.00 per bottle. Literally $100.00 down the drain. I used one FlexiSnake for the job. I worked on the drain for around 30 minutes, pulling up years of hair that was clogging the drain. After no more hair was being recovered, I filled the tub part way with hot water, and used a plunger to finish the job. The drain is now working better than I can ever remember. It takes more work than just opening a bottle and puring it, but the FlexiSnake WORKS!"

C.K. - OR

"The pictures of the clogs on your site are true to what really does come out of the drain---so often people lie in their advertisements just to 'make a sale' You not only tell the truth, you care about the results your customers have.

Helen - CA

"I had tried every product on the shelves including a powder that said it could be used only once, and if that didn't cure the problem then a plumber would need to be contacted. It was at that point I discovered Flexisnake. Wow! It is fantastic! I've told all my friends about it. It's amazing that such a simple invention could accomplish so much! Thanks!"

D.L. - NC

"I have long thick brown hair, and no amount of Drano seemed to help my slow shower drain. FlexiSnake did the trick in less than 10 minutes.  No more standing in water while I shower!"


I recently purchased the FlexiSnake. I used it in a semi-clogged bathroom sink. In a matter of 2 minutes, on the 2nd try, I unclogged the drain. So far so good...you need to get the price up! Thanks.

Tom - WV

"I couldn't understand why - after repeated uses of drain cleaner - I still couldn't get my bathtub to drain after my shower.  I was just about to call a plumber when I found the FlexiSnake site and realized that built-up hair was likely the problem.

There are three things I really like about this product.  First, it's simple and quick to use.  Five minutes of poking around in my drain brought up an amount of hair that truthfully I wouldn't have thought would have caused my problem.  But my next shower proved that evidently it doesn't take much because voila!  It drained perfectly!

Second, the FlexiSnake is very inexpensive.  I spent way more on drain cleaners in three days than I did three FlexiSnakes - and I've got two more put away for the next time!

Third, I appreciate that your shipping costs are so low.  I become very irritated with things I order via the internet which seem reasonably-priced - UNTIL you find out how much you'll be charged for shipping, handling and other inflated costs.

What a great deal, all around...and an excellent product."

Marcia - AL

"my wifes side of the master bathroom sink was plugged with hair and was slowing. i tried to flush with water and it didnt work. i saw your tool on our local tv show [try it and buy it they said it worked so i tryed it. it took 10 min to unplug the hair from the sink. it works great."

M.C. - CA

"My tub has continually clogged up and drained very slowly, and I end up standing in ankle deep water. I've tried all kinds of different liquid products, and nothing helped. I didn't want to spend the money for a plumber to come out, especially since the problem would resurface down the line. FlexiSnake has saved my tub and my bank account! It was so easy to use, and the amount of hair and gunk I pulled from the drain was disgusting. No wonder my tub drained so slowly. I bought the 3 pack, so I used one on all the drains in my house and then threw it out. This is a great product!! "

Kim - CO

"FlexiSnake should be banned; it's addictive. The drain in my bath/shower was blocked - water hung around all day before reluctantly trickling away. I'd tried all the chemical 'solutions' which achieved absolutely nothing; I'd even tried a pair of long-nosed forceps that only removed a rubber washer, (hope it isn't important - it won't go back).
I saw FlexiSnake on the internet and thought, 'Worth a try, I suppose' and ordered a three-pack; this was my first step down the slippery slope. With trepidation I inserted the snake into the plug hole, wiggled it, (as demonstrated in the video clip) and pulled. Oh horror! Had all that muck and rubbish been lurking in my pipes? No wonder the water couldn't get past it! I was appalled - yet thrilled.
I tackled every plug hole in the house until there wasn't one that had escaped my mania.
The problem I have now is that I can't leave my FlexiSnake alone. I wander around the house, FlexiSnake at the ready, peering into plug holes and willing them to fill up with hair and other unmentionable debris so that I can play with my new toy; I can concentrate on nothing else.
Yes - I admit it - I'm a FlexiSnake addict!
Anyone want to join a Support Group?
PS Thank you - a brilliant product!"

Bonnie - Cyprus

As soon as the FlexiSnake arrived, I used it on our bathroom sink clog and within minutes it was unclogged ... finally!  What a relief!  It was like having our own roto-rooter, but much faster, cheaper, and easier.  And, unlike chemicals (which were unsuccessful), the FlexiSnake actually works.

Mylene - CA

"Clogged bath drain (two long haired females in the house!)...
Excellent product, worked a treat."

Neil - England

"I had a slow draining tub. By the time I was done with a shower, I was standing in ankle deep water. The problem had gone on for months. We tried several different products. Roto Rooter liquid clog remover, Drano Foaming, The powershot. Nothing worked.
We saw the FlexiSnake advertised on Digg.com and thought why not, it's better than calling a plumber. We got it in the mail opened it immediately and were clog free within minutes. The hair was trapped around the plugging mechanism, so it couldn't open or close completely. No amount of chemicals or powershots were going to fix it.
I would use FlexiSnake again and again".

Kerri - NJ

"The water was backing up in the bathroom sink as soon as you turned the spigot.  I've tried chemical drain cleaners which didn't work very well (not to mention that it's not environmentally friendly!).  I inserted the FlexiSnake down the drain, pulled it up, and WOW!  It took about 4 times down the drain to totally clear the clog.  There was just that much gunk! I don't think the sink has drained this well in the 3 years since I bought this house!"

Maria - DE

"My shower was again clogged. Before I've tried chemicals with poor results, the flexible plastic thing with medium results. The Flexisnake has done the best. I'm glad I bought a 3-pack. I'm going to give one to my son, who has the same problems. It's a great tool, and reasonably priced".

Debbie - WA

"This works great. Buying another for a neighbor. Thanks "

Richard - CA

"Bought one of thesee and loved it. No home should be without one. it was cheap, fast, and I definatley recommend disposal after one time use(for he price why wouldn't you. I want to kep a couple around just for emergency clogs".

Janet - CA

"Hair cloged in the drain . Your product is so amazing . I can not contain how happy I am. It got the hair  right out and it made me sick what you find in your sink. I tried liqued cleaner , plunging . none of them  worked except your product. Thank You . Now I do not need to ask my landlord to help. I will let every one know this is the product to buy. I was having a bad day, but when I uncloged my sink , I was happy . Thank You AGAIN "

Jamie - PA

"I used a snake on the upstairs bathroom sink. The sink wasn't stopped up but the snake still pulled out a huge handfull of hair and debri".

Steve - IL

"I've had hair clogs in the drain pretty much my whole life. I've tried every kind of liquid drain cleaner on the market. Nothing worked except for paying for an expensive plumber. The flexisnake is an amazing product! I just cleaned out a huge clog in the shower drain. I'll be telling all my friends about this".

Caroline - CA

"Great little tool. Keeps my shower flowing...easy to use and effective!!!!! "

Keith - VA

"My sink was draining very slow. I used several drain cleaners, however, none of them worked.  I saw internet advertisement for FlexiSnake and ordered a three pack.  It unstopped my drain immediately. I pulled out a large amount of hair and other particles.  Thanks again for Flexisnake.  I will recommend it to my friends and relatives"

Mary - MD

"I used FlexiSnake on a slow running sink.  It fixed the problem right away.  The biggest suprise was the shower though.  I've never seen a larger hairball.  Thanks FlexiSnake. "

Eric - IL

"Hair is the main problem, we have 3 girls with very long hair and it just messes up the drains. I tried the FlexiSnake, but to be honest with you, the problem was so bad we had to take the drain apart; the level of hair clog was just too much for the FlexiSnake. I think for us, your product would only work for us if we used it regulary, say every month and not let the drain get to the stage it did." 

A.N. - AZ

"Shower drain clogs all the time, I'm fed up with pouring chemicals down the drain.  I really didn't expect this to work, but 5 minutes of wriggling sorted the problem a treat.  Thanks!"

Ben - United Kingdom

"I had a bathroom drain that was running slow for monnths. Expensive drain Cleaners didn't work. Then I saw an ad for FlexiSnake. Just got it in the mail today. In less than 2 minutes my drain was running like new again. I'm a fan. I'm glad I bought a FlexiSnake 3 pack....one for my daughter and one for my sister."

Steven - NJ

"My bathroom sink blocks up every few months.
Because of a disability, I'm not able to take apart the drain in my washroom sink to remove hair clogs. I also can't afford to hire a plumber every time it blocks up, either. I've tried chemical drain cleaners but they don't work very well. Within ten minutes of using Flexi-Snake the drain was as clear as if it had just been installed.
I'm very impressed at how quickly and easily Flexi-Snake works *and* at how inexpensive it is compared to chemical cleaners (which of course can't be reused). This is a great product and I highly recommend it!"

Charlene - Canada

"The FlexiSnake Hair Clog Tool worked great. My drain problem was bath tub hair clog and shampoo buildup. I will order again in the future."

Joanne - VA

 "That thing is awesome!" (used at military base housing)

Joe - MO

"The flexisnake was delivered on Monday, Jan,29 (ordered Thurs Jan 25).  I tried it immediately.  It worked!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn\'t have to remove the pop-up at all.  Other snakes would never fit.
Thank you for a great product. "

Jacquelynn - DE

"Nice little product, works great!"

Jennifer - CA

" I just received my packet of FlexiSnakes today and immediately tested one on my bathroom sink. I had recently used an $8.00 bottle of Home Depot's finest drain cleaner to no avail.  I plunged the FlexiSnake down the drain, twisted, and pulled up a hairball. I repeated the trick on all 4 sides of the drain plug to collect even more hair. The result?? THE DRAIN WORKS!  Thank you!  Such a simple yet fantastic device".
"...they clog OFTEN...especially bathroom sinks and showers"

Robert - PA

"Before, it was under the sink to get the stopper out and then go fish with a bent hanger.  With the Flexi I went through the stopper from the top. Not much pulled out, but it felt like a clot got pushed through and went to the drain with some running water. Bottom line -  draining free and no trip under the sink.


 "it really works, you should have seen all the hair..."

- IL

"Just wanted to let you know I dig your snake (boyfriend has tons of hair and never cleans the drain.)"

Sheila - MI

"Fast shipping , really works !"

John - PA

"Drain was draining slowly for about two weeks until it completely stopped up.  tried the plunger, didn't work.  the FlexiSnake removed some hair before the trap, however the main clog was deeper into the pipe, beyond the trap. so i had to use liquid plumer.  i think the flexisnake would have worked had the clog been above the trap. "


 "...I pulled out a wad of hair and a scalpel handle came out with it !" (vet office)

Mike - IL

"Scott- I used the flexisnake for the first time on a shower drain yesterday and it worked great just like you said.  Nice not having to grab the big hand auger and go through all that process.    Thanks-Kent "

Kent - NE

"Worked great."

Robert - NY

 "I used it in two bath tubs and a couple of sinks. It worked great. Could you send me a couple more?"

- IL

"My MasterBath sink has been slow, and my wife has been complaining.  The plumber came and never got it right.  I used the flexiSnake as advertised and pushed it down (3) times and brought up more and more GROSS stuff.  Now the drain flows PERFECTLY and my wife is happy!  Thank you!!  Next will try on slow running drain on upstairs bath".

Steven - CA

 "Over, the last several months I have been trying to unclog my slow running shower drain. About every month & a-half I would have to repeat the treatment...The Flex-Snake tool was very easy to use and did a super job of removing the hair. I was surprised how much hair I was able to extract...."

Jerry - IL

"hair and product gunk slowed the drain; flexisnake cleared the foul mess in seconds without dangerous chemicals and with no harm to the plumbing"

Ted - NY

"I called the plumber to come and look at my sink drain and the first thing he did was pull out a  FlexiSnake!"

Kevin - IL

"Kick butt invention!"

Emerson - NC

"Hair clogs in the sink and shower would frequently cause water to drain slowly and the flexisnake did remove a significant amount of hair and when then used with clog remover there was a substantial difference. The only drawback is that the snake is too rigid to feed past the trap in the sink and a bend in the tub drain line so I couldn't get to all of the clog."

Morris - NY

"Definitely worth the money!  As soon as I saw what it was - i thought DAMN GOOD IDEA!
It unclogged my bathroom sink as easy as 1,2,3.
I hope you get rich on it."

Bob - PA

"...it really worked...when I saw what came out I said 'someone's been using my sink, this mess didn't come off of me!'"

- IL

"You definitely have a 'why didn't I think of that' product here.  Here's some feedback.
The flexinsake definitely gets hair up and loosens other junk.  A problem I had is that the junk collected and clogged my drain even worse.  However, after using a plunger, the already loose junk went down, so now everything is great.  I'd recommend adding a note to your directions about using a plunger if someone has the same problem as me".

Stephen - MI

"Our drains are not clogged at the moment.  I used the FlexiSnake anyway in a bathroom sink, a shower and the laundry tub, all of which are below grade.  Each of them brought something up.  Mostly hair but the laundry shower had a mass of undefinable gray ooze.  I can tell you that you seem to have gotten the size of the wire just right.  It was stiff enough to get down the pipe but not too stiff that it wouldn't bend around the elbow even from a distance.  I'm pleased with what I've seen here and I'll let you know what I learn from the other families" (gave one to 2 other families).

Tim - IL

"Wife said it worked great and giving my sis and mother one. Simple concept works great on a stborn problem."

Dale - OK

"We have been having drain problems for many months and nothing would work.  Mostly we tried different liquid drain openers.  Nothing worked. I searched the internet and found your web sight.  I figured it couldn't hurt to try it.  Especially for the price.  It worked great!!  The water finally drains again!"

- IL

"I had a room mate for 3 years with long dark hair which shed A LOT!  She complained about the tub draining slowly as well as the sink in her bathroom.  She's no longer here, but wanted to check out the drains. Got the FlexiSnake to make sure all was well.  I had changed the faucet & drain stopper on the sink and it was OK, but did get some hair out of the bathtub. Also have two sinks in the master bath & they're clear too.
Easy to use and and have already recommended to others!


"My problem has always been slow bathtub drain probably due to my long curly hair.  Nothing seems to clear the problem for a long period of time but FlexiSnake did make it easier to pull the hair out.  We usually call a plumber if it gets too clogged."

Linda - NY

"My bathroom sink will back up slowly once you turn on the faucet.  I know that there is a hair clog because part of it is visible.  I've tried various brands of drain cleaner, yet, it was only a less than perfect fix.  I used one flexisnake on the drain and you would not imagine the amount of material that came up.  I'm glad that they are disposable and inexpensive because there is no way I was going to clean up that mess."

Rod - NY

"We regularly get slow drainage in our old bathroom sink.  When the plumber comes, it's 50 bucks.  Won't use drain openers because we live by the ocean and all that poison just drains into the sea.  The plumber said, 'Use bleach'.  Blech. 
But then we got the Flexi-Snake!  It works perfectly!  I could not believe that disgusting crap sown there!  But it's all gone now -- took about 3 minutes.  Thank you Flexi-Snake! "

Liz - CA

"Just had to e-mail your company to let you know that I recently purchased a box of Flexi-Snakes and used it for the first time last evening and the product worked great.My daughter has had a slow drain in her bathroom for a while now, and drain cleaners didn't seem to do much.I was putting off crawling under the cabinet and disconnecting the trap to get to the clog when I saw an article in the local newspaper reviewing new and helpful products.Since the FlexiSnake was reasonably priced I figured I had nothing to lose.In 3 minutes the clog was gone and I didn't even break a sweat.
You have a customer for life and I will definetly pass along your product info. to anyone I know who has a simular problem"

Steve - NJ

"Gave some flexisnakes to my daughter and she used one on her tub drain.  She used it several times on the drain till no more hair came out.  She is extremely pleased with the ease of use and especially since the drain is fast again.  Great product!!"


"Clogged bathroom sink drain. My husband thinks this is the greatest thing ever."

Heidi - OH

"Worked great first time I used it on bathroom drain.  Nice!"

Kent - OH

"FlexiSnake cleared my drain better than it has been in years! "

P.S. - IN

"bathtub drain getting slower and slower......tried hot water, baking soda and vinegar, then awful drain cleaner (never again...how silly of me) I tried using the FlexiSnake but it did not work.  I had to call a plumber as the clog was too far down the drain. I did use your tool to clean out my bathroom sink and got quite a bit of hair and gunk out...so I may have avoided another expensive plumbing bill?" 

P.W. - CA

"My two daughters who have long hair keep clogging the sink and bathtub drains.  We tried Drano, Liquid Plummer and coat hangers.  Nothing beats the FlexiSnake.  It took only seconds to clear the drains.  This is a great product and easy to use.
Well worth the money."

Bob - VA

"my bathroom sink began draining very slowly about a month ago.  I used Flexisnake to pull out most of the hair and gunk.  I was amazed at all the stuff Flexisnake pulled out of my drain.  However, it didn't get it all out.  It had pushed some just past its reach.  But that didn't pose problem, I used a pipe and rag to seal it around the drain and blew the rest of the gunk out of the sink drain.  Overall I am VERY pleased with this neat gadget!  Thanks for a great product."

Bryant - GA

"Bathroom sink was becoming increasingly slow-draning over the course of several months.  Chemical drain openers had no effect, plungers had minimal effect. I read about FlexiSnake on a home design blog, and thought I'd give it a try.  Using the FlexiSnake I was able to remove the hair that had been clogging the drain for all those months. It worked quickly and well.  I highly recommend it for slow-draining bathroom sinks!"

Lisa - NY

"I have long hair, so over time, our drains will start to get slow as the hair builds up. When this happens, we obviously need to clean out the clog. We just used the FlexiSnake for the first time, and it was very easy to use. We used it to pull out the 'gunk' in all of the drains in our house, and saw instant improvement. Thank you for inventing such a useful tool."

Elisa - PA

"Bathroom sink. I had tried baking soda & vinegar without success.  Then I used the FlexiSnake - wow, I couldn't believe how much gunk came out of that little drain! The clog had been building for a while, so there was still a blockage. I poured in 16 oz of hydrogen peroxide, went to work, and followed up with a kettle of boiling water. Success at last! 
Thank you for FlexiSnake - what a great product!"

Mary - NY

"slow draining bathroom sink.  The flexisnake worked as advertised and cleaned out the clog.  I'm very pleased with this product."

C.J. - TX

"As all the other folks have attested, this amazing little gadget works wonders! It's somewhat disgusting what sludge comes up along with the hair, but the rewards are awesome! Free-flowing drains--WITHOUT using any chemicals!! It's easy to use too, just make sure you insert it several times and fairly deep to ensure you get all of the culprit!
Thanks to the creator of this simple, yet marvelous device, that is so affordable and re-usable too, if a little bit of care is used. It is very durable.
Try it-you won't be disappointed!!! "

P.W. - CO

"Water backed up- Tried chemicals to unclog- After weeks of a sink that wouldn't drain properly, the happiest part of my day today was pulling out the clumps of hair from the drain." 

N.G. - MD

"The water in my bathroom sink would build up to full just from washing my face or brushing my teeth.  It was very frustrating, particularly that the sink would look dirty (regardless of whether it was just cleaned or not) from all of the water sitting there.  I received the flexisnake yesterday.  I put it down the drain and immediately felt something dislodge!  I moved it around several times and then ran some hot water to ensure the clog moved.  The sink now drains better than it has the ENTIRE time we've lived here!  My boyfriend was skeptical that the product would work and had to admit that I WAS RIGHT!  Thank you flexisnake, I feel like a pro plummer! "

Corrine - MI

"After using two bottles of drain cleaning chemicals my bath tup drian just kept getting worse. I ordered and quickly ecieved 3 Flexi-snakes. 5-10 minutes I fixed the tub and did my sink as a precaution. Thank you."

Tom - TX

"Slow drain in shower almost as soon as you turn on the water, figured it was a hair clog. I tried baking soda and vinegar, boiling water and chemicals. Then I tried FlexiSnake and all I can say is WOW. In the shower drain it got a really long hair clog that was filled with soap scum, and now no more ankle-deep water! I also poked FlexiSnake down the bathroom sinks just to see what I'd find. (They were a little slow, but not like the shower.) While it didn't get any hair, it did dislodge wads of gunk that I guess used to be shaving cream. Now the sinks are also running like new!"

Lisa - FL

"Good news! One faster bathroom drain in California!
Just wanted to let you know that my friend in Redwood City made it
(just in time on Saturday) to the Wisnoms Hardware Store in San Mateo and picked up a few of the flexisnakes.  He used it on his bathroom sink which was so sluggish before. He said that afterwards, the drain worked better than it ever had in the almost 3 years he has lived in the apt!  He is quite the happy camper now. I will suggest that he tell his landlord about it too."

Pam - CA

"worked great  --  thanks loads."

V.C. - FL

"I used the "Junior" the day it arrived and it worked great--thanks "

Jean - IL

"It worked disgustingly well! Thank you."

Kathy - CT

"Scott, That little device worked like a charm - great price, fast shipping and so simple! Wish I had invented it!!"


"Thank you for the speedy delivery of your FlexiSnake products, your considerate help was above expectation.
As for the product, I have to say it is simply a great product. Your company has correctly identified the most common drain problem (covering 90% or more of all home drain problems) and come up with a simple, practical, extremely economical solution. Your product works as advertised and saved me from buying a very expensive drain snake at twenty times the cost of my FlexiSnakes or even renting one at five times the cost! It's brilliant. I have already recommended it to friends and will continue to do so.
Thank you and your company for such an intelligent solution to such an annoying problem. Your product saved me money and simplified a task of drudgery. Thank you and good luck going forward."

Peter - CA

"Just wanted to let you know I received the package May 17 and used it immediately.  It worked great!  I had already tried several over the counter liquids over the past few months.  None of them did anything.  Finally the sink was completely blocked.  I had tried using a plunger but I don't think I had the strength for it because nothing happened.  I used the FlexiSnake Jr.   It took a few times or removing hair bunches before it finally became clear and I heard that wonderful popping sound and the water started flow down. 
Thank you for the excellent product. "

Liz - ON

" I have now had occasion to use the FlexiSnake to clear a hair clog in my bathtub drain.   It worked very well.   Easy to use and it cleared the clog.   I like it."

Dennis - VA

"just wanted to let you know that the first two pack worked like a charm!  Great product!  Unless my fiance decides to cut her hair off I have a feeling I'll be a repeat customer."

Gregg - NY

"I received my FlexiSnake order only 1 day after placing my request.  Thanks! This is my second order and I have found the junior size FlexiSnake to be very effective.  It is the best method of removing hair from drains."

Karen - IL

"clogs every couple of months. it worked the first time i used it."

Marty - KY

"I purchased a FlexiSnake Combo 2-Pak in April.  I just love this product!  I use it for my kitchen sink because the drain between the 2 sinks often clogs up with debris from the garbage disposal.  This tool works just great and saves me from having to call a plumber. Thank you!"

Beverly - CA

"Another sucessful unclogging by FlexiSnake. So easy, so fast and great success. Thanks!"

Carol - FL

"We have tried plunging the drain, boiling water and a flush with vinegar and bakiing soda. Nothing worked.  I got my flexisnake in the mail this morning and used it this evening.  I was pleased with the results. It was easy to use and I was shocked by the gunk it brought out. "


"I used my flexisnake for the first time and it is so fantastic.  My son's bathroom sink is always clogging.  Not even the RotoRooter cleaning fluid worked.  But I went it with the flexisnake; not even 5 minutes later the clog was gone! Thanks so much,"

Julia - OH

I received my order and used the Flexisnake, Jr. right away.  Problem solved!  I removed a massive hairball that was left in the tub drain by the previous home owners and for less than the cost of any chemical or plumber.  The tub drains immediately now.
I bought three extra Flexisnake Jr.'s anticipating that it would work just as I saw on TV - it really did - and now I have some unique stocking stuffers for my extended  family.  Thank you for a safe, environmentally-friendly, easy product to use that arrived quickly and affordably.

Craig GA

"slow/almost clogged bathroom drain - hair
FlexiSnake worked!  I ordered a set of 3 from solutions.com and couldn't be happier.  I feel much better using FlexiSnake than pouring $10 worth of harsh chemicals down the drain and I get a better result!  Thank you for your product.


"I was having slower running water in the bathroom sink that is used the most. FlexiSnake did what it was designed to do. The things I tried previously were pouring hot water down the drain, and using a plunger on it. I don't really like to pour harsh chemicals down there. Quite amazing and somewhat frightening really what came up out of there. The water is definitely running faster, and a reasonable price for it."

Ben - KY

"My bathroom sink was very slow in draining.  I have used drain cleaners without much success.  I ordered your product and thought I'd give it a try.  I must admit I was sceptical that this little snake would work and was amazed at all the hair and gunk it pulled out of the drain. I now have a free running drain and will definately tell my friends and family about your product."


"I received my package of Flexisnakes today in the mail. I immediately went to the shower that is draining very slowly and inserted the Flexisanke into the drain and Wallah!!  I got a considerable amount of very yucky hair (a technical term for old drain caught hair) for my efforts. The shower now drains with ease and rapidly too.  I will use this tool once a month from now on in all of my bathroom drains and hopefully avoid anymore slow draining problems.
  I purchased two sets of Flexisnake one will be going to my son.  I was at his house the other week and noticed very slow draining sinks in the bath rooms.  I know he will use this to great advantage also. 
...Thanks for this very affordable, simple to use and effective tool . I will highly recommend it to all of my family and friends.  I may even give them as gifts!
One more thing I didn't mention that is a big plus, for me at least, 
is that your product is "Made in America"!   That is always a 
positive point with me and one I continually look for in products 
that I purchase. "

Den - KY

"clogs a lot ... We have a  100+ year old house. Third floor bathroom sink in particular has been a problem as long as we've lived here (6 years). I hate using chemical drain cleaners, and more environmentally friendly concoctions did little to deal with the slow drain. I tried the flexisnake as soon as it arrived, and it seems to have done the job! It pulled a lot of hair and gunk out (ick!), and now the sink is draining normally. I will defintely use your product again, and recommend to friends. "


"My sink was draining very slowly and I had used many different products with very little success.  I read about FlexiSnake in my newspaper from a user who wrote in about your great product. I ordered it and it arrived within three days. After using the small FlexiSnake, my drain problem was solved. I am thrilled to have my sink working perfectly again. Thank you!"

Nan - KY

"slow drains from hair clogs.  Had tried everything available.  Flexisnake is awesome!  Problems fixed in as little as five minutes! ...clogs monthly "


"I had a hair clog in my bathroom sink drain that caused the drain to run really slowly.  I went through two containers of drain cleaner and nothing worked.  I read a column in the Courier Journal called The Best where customers write reviews of products they think are great.  I just tried your Flexisnake and it took me less than 30 seconds to clear my drain.  It is a terrific product and I'll tell all my friends about it"


"I received the FS in today's mail and ran to the upstairs bathroom that had the clogged sink.  In 2 minutes the sink was unclogged.  I ran the FS along all of the groves in the sink stopper and pulled out some gunk.  But the bulk of whatever was blocking the drain got freed up and went down the drain.  So it worked and we're very happy."

Jordan - NJ

"clogs approximately every six months... My bathdroom sink and bathtub were backed up with hair clogs. I tried a bent hanger to no avail, and already knew chemical agents were caustic to the environment and did not work well.  It was extremenely gratifing when I pulled the gross clog out on my first try!"


"I used your (FlexiSnake) on my bathroom sink, it worked good (you can quote me on that)"

Ron - IL

"Hair clog in bathroom sink. FlexiSnake worked amazingly! I couldn't be happier with the product! "

Lisa - CA

"we have tried to use a coat hanger and drano each time we have a clogged drain as we know it is my hair that is causing the problem. i bought the flexi snake as it cant hurt. Opened the package...with no problem used it and pulled out a HUGE clump of hair. my husband JUST cleaned out the drain and STILL pulled out this huge "animal" This product works! "


"Daughters shower tried everything, snake, chemicals nothing worked. Put down the Flexisnake and out came scads of hair. Took about 15 minutes to completely free the drain. I really didn't think this would work - really glad I gave it a try. Excellent product and a bargain compared to a plumber."

C.L. - CA

"Water was not going through in bathroom sink. I used flexi snake  removed hair and water is flowing beautifully. Love it may have to order more to give away.   thanks"

Yolanda - CA

"Monthly - one bath sink always starts to not drain FlexiSnake was better than it looked  (on TV).  I used the regular and easily brought up 1/4 cup of hair clog on my first try.  I am going to buy FlexiSnake for all my friends, family, co-workers.  What a wonderful product - and environmentally friendly - It does more than you expect!"

S.J. - CA

"...shower (clogs) every couple months.
my shower gets clogged with the obvious hair problems and your Flexisnake worked great. I don't have to pull the hair out with my hands anymore. What a  great idea.Who would have thought to get a some velcro put it at the end of some black tubing and have a great invention. I wish I would have thought of it."

Susan - CA

"Watre didn't go down drain. By golly it works. Just one application and the amount of hair that came out was unbelievable."

J.A. - MD

"Bathroom sink drain clogs with hair.  The FlexiSnake worked beautifully to unclog the drain, and it's very easy to use.  In the past I would pay a
plumber $100 or more to unclog it."

L.P. - WA

"...(clogs) at least twice a year.
Tub and sink drains in bathroom were draining very slowly.  Used the
Flexi-snake which removed a mess of hair clogs and pipes are now draining great!  Thanks!"


"...clogs 2x/year.
"My problem is that my hair backs up my drain. I've used flexisnake before & it works perfectly. In the past i've used drain chemicals which are toxic & expensive. In my opinion the flexisnake works far better & I will never got back to harsh chemicals again. It's my #1 eco-friendly drain cleaner."

D.P. - CA

"i bought this a before & just used it. it's great!"

Donna - IL

"...clogs every month.
" I live in a bottom floor apartment and for some reason my bathroom drain gets plugged up more often than I have ever had in the past.  I  had to get the apartment manager to come down and fix it and since flexisnake....I've handled it all myself.   It's a great product."

Al - WA

"Bought one as impulse in a store -- Great Product!"

M.S. - CA

"...clogs once every 3 months."
"Slow draining in both bathroom sinks and shower drain. I tried the standard model of FlexiSnake. It worked great. Especially in the shower, where over 20 years of built-up hair and debris was removed after several insertions. I definitely am a believer in the product."


"...clogs every few months in my bathroom sink"
"Combing and styling hair over the sink gets it all plugged up. I just tried baking soda and salt but that did not work too well. The Flexi snake pulled out a whole lot of YUCK and the water is now flowing much better."

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