Why do my bathroom drains always start to back up?
It's the HAIR! Hair is the #1 cause of household clogs and it's usually in the bathroom. As the picture below shows, when soap and shampoo combine with the hair, it becomes a "perfect storm" or rather, perfect clog. Hair typically gets caught on the stoppers and grates near the top of the drain, creating a "snowball" effect until finally you are ankle deep in slow-running water. And look at the shampoo. If the water doesn't drain quickly, it dries on the tub surface and becomes a back-breaking cleanup job, or worse, a slip/fall hazard.

Why aren't chemicals working?
The below picture is a model of your bathroom sink drain. Notice the stopper and arm mechanism that allows you to lift and drop the sink drain stopper. We washed a real hair clog into this model drain and then poured in a chemical drain cleaner. This is a picture 60 minutes afterwards. There's still a significant amount of hair and soap scum left in the drain. The problem is that since these sink clogs are in vertical pipes, the chemical can't submerge it full strength to work on it for any period of time, and hair is tough to dissolve. Most of the chemical washes through the clog and sits in the trap below. With hair remaining in the drain, it doesn't get a clean start and the next clog builds even faster. We used a FlexiSnake on this clog right after the picture was taken and the whole mess was out in seconds.

Why are FlexiSnake products better?
The patented "micro-hooks"-
You know how Velcro brand hook-and-loop immediately "sticks" to it's "hairy" loop material and the familiar "ripping" sound when you pull it apart. We patented the concept of taking these types of "micro-hooks" and putting them on a simple, DIY drain tool that you can "spin" into the hair in the drain. The spinning action increases the grabbing power exponentially. What's the result? If there is hair in the upper part of the drain, FlexiSnake tools will get it.

Easy in and out of the drain-
Another benefit of our tools is that unlike all the other tools with wires, barbs and hooks, our tiny "micro-hooks" don't get caught up on drain parts such as stoppers and grates. Consequently, they slide in and out of the drain much more easily than all the others.

Removable wands-
Finally, our newest tool, The Drain Weasel, has further benefits. Not only does it utilize super-slim 1/8" wands with the micro-hook tip, but the wands are removable at the handle with a simple "click" of the sleeve. This allows the user to unsnap a wand after use, and simply toss it into the garbage along with the drain mess. This addresses one of the most common complaints of drain tools - the clean-up mess. Since our 3-Pack Refill Wands are less expensive than most chemicals, it's a no-brainer choosing the Drain Weasel. Fast, safe and now clean drain maintenance. It's drain cleaning re-engineered!

What kinds of clogs do your products work on?
The kind you encounter most - bathroom hair clogs. If you have had these clogs before or have anyone in the household with long or thick hair, then this is most likely your problem. Do not buy FlexiSnake tools for kitchen, garbage disposal or toilet clogs. FlexiSnake tools will not be effective for deep pipe blockages or pipe build-up or scale problems. If you aren't sure of the cause, it may be worth the few dollars spent to give it a try. Our customer feedback indicates that once you've established that hair is the cause, 85-90% are amazed at how effective our patented products are.( Click here for customer Reviews)

Which FlexiSnake product should I buy?
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