Now, FlexiSnakes for all drain opening sizes!

For those limited access drain openings, the new FlexiSnake Jr is the ideal solution! The Jr utilizes the same ingenious hook-and-loop hair snagging pad - except in a condensed form.

The FlexiSnake Jr is the perfect companion to our original FlexiSnake. It is even lighter and smaller with a hair snagging pad that will slip through drain screen openings as small as 1/4 inch. The Jr is 26" long - the same length as the standard FlexiSnake. The shaft diameter is 1/8" compared to 3/16" for the standard FlexiSnake. The original FlexiSnake has a hair-snagging pad that is 5/8" wide.

But that doesn't mean that The FlexiSnake Jr is relegated just to sinks with drain screens. It is ideal for bathroom sink drains with pop-up stoppers.



So now, whether you need the full hair-declogging power of the standard FlexiSnake for those tough bathtub hair clogs, or the versatility of the FlexiSnake Jr, the FlexiSnake Combo paks have what it takes to solve that tough drain hair clog problem quickly, safely and inexpensively.


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