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The Whole Story (6 min)
This video shows chemical drain cleaners trying to clear a tough hair clog, FlexiSnake working on the same clog, and why FlexiSnake is so effective on these types of clogs.

Or Watch the Video by Sections

The Problem (45 sec)
This may look all too familiar-slow running sinks and tubs.

The Common Hair Clog ( 27 sec)
This video shows what happens just below the drain stopper and why a sink or tub drain begins to drain slowly


Chemical Drain Cleaners Fail to Remove the Clog
(45 sec)
Watch and see what is really happening when you use liquid drain cleaner on one of these hanging hair clogs.

Watch FlexiSnake Beat the Clog
(2 min)
This video shows how quickly and easily FlexiSnake beats one of these tough hair clogs that chemical drain cleaners failed to clear.

Why is FlexiSnake so Effective?
(2 min)
So what makes FlexiSnake so effective? Watch and see!

Using FlexiSnake
Drain Stopper Assemblies (3 min)
See how FlexiSnake is used with these 2 types of bathtub stoppers-the "lift and turn" and the "toe touch".
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